This feed grinder machine can crush all types of dry feed, such as maize, sorghum, grain

9FQ System  hammer mill feed grinder is the most ideal milling equipment of all kinds of wood pieces, straw, grass, stalk, tree branches, waste cardboard, bamboo, wood scrap, corn stalk, peanut shell, wheat stalk, wood fuel, cotton stalk, biomass shell and so on.
This kind of grain hammer mill feed grinder is widely used in swine farm, wood factory, etc. Hammer mill is equipped with high carbon steel blade.the feed grinder used with feed pellet mill in feed production line. The raw materials can be crushed into straw particles, whose diameter is 35mm. The durable hammer mill works with high efficiency and gains more good reputation from European users.
The machine could be driven by the diesel engine, motor, tractor, etc.
The kinds of machine could be matched with mounting plate for motor or diesel engine, and collector.The vertical crushing mixing machine, which takes small area,is suitable for producing all-around nutrition feedstuff.It is mainly used for crushing and mixing all kinds of dry animal feed.screw conveyor,crusher and mixer are concentrated in one.The poultry feed grinder and mixer is designed for rural raise animals,small farms,small and medium-sized cooperate with small feed mills design feed processing equipment, collection of vertical and horizontal transporting,mixed storehouse.

This machine can crush all types of dry feed, such as maize, sorghum, grain valley, rice straw, wheat straw, sweet potato vines and corn, palm leaves, peanut vines and pole beans and so on, the local Chinese herbal medicines can be crushed, quartz, coal and coal dry stone, wood, etc. They are are crushed into powder at once, output size could reach 0.06-5mm by changing inside screen which is put above dishcarging port..

This machine uses the direct connection between electric engine and hammer rotor. Working principle:the hammer blades hit and crush the food / feed plus two-times air suction. After the material enters the main crushing room, it will be pushed to the outer edge for complete crushing by high speed hammer blades. The broken material will be sucked out immediately through the sift holes. It greatly overcomes the shortcoming of any broken material existing rotary rotor, then greatly reduces energy consumption and increases crushing efficiency. It is one of the best hammer mill for feed / food in current market.


This Best selling livestock feed grinder machine is smashing equipment for processing block material

This Best selling livestock feed grinder machine is smashing equipment for processing block material or rod -like material in to forage and animal feeds. it is mainly suitable for corn, corn stalk, peanut shell, bean stalk and so on.the feed grinder machine working principle is material from the hopper into the crushing chamber, there have been high-speed rotating hammer crushing blow, under the action of centrifugal force to break the material along the outer edge of the rotor, continuous film by the hammer, tooth plate, screen film extrusion, collision, combat, rubbed and was quickly crushed, crushed powder after the centrifugal rotor by the pressure and suction force of the fan sent outside the aircraft through the sieve, sieve the powder through repetition but on top process until the machine through the sieve was sent to the far outside. The poultry feed mill machine is equipped with engine, high efficiency, high automation of the machine, the use of less manpower, simple and clear structure design, the feed grinder is easy to learn and operate the installation or repair.the feed grinder is used with feed pellet mill to make poultry pelleted feed, Outlet in the machine below, by gravity makes the nesting convenient and fast. Straw longer, add the material only on the ground can be placed, eliminating the need for artificial loading of the trouble. With a number of hammer, hammer a bad wear, you can exchange to the other end and then use, making the hammer can be fully fully utilized to reduce waste.

Application of corn crushing machine :

This poultry feed grinder machine can crush all
kinds of cereals into small pieces to feed hen,chicken, rabbit and other animals,

This feed crusher machine can be used to crush all kinds of grains into small 

granule such as corn, wheat, maize, barley and so on. The finalproducts can 

feed many kinds of animals like hen, rabbit, it is suitable for small and large sized 


Features of corn crushing machine:

Maize grinding machine, used grinding maize, wheat,barley,bean,straw. 

All  crushed into a powder at once,  leaving no residue. It has the features

 of compact structure,convenient and reliable operation, easy installation, 

fine performance,etc. It specialized be applicable to Africa market.

Scientifically feeding fish with wet floating fish feed machine can ensure the normal growth.

Scientifically feeding fish with wet floating fish feed machine can ensure the normal growth. Too much or too little feeding quantity will affect the normal growth. Fish farmers should control the feeding quantity and accordingly increase or reduce the quantity based on the growth stages, weather, water temperature and other situations. Fish feeding domestication should be operated to observe the feed intakes and growth situations. The feeding domestication can also save feed pellet, prevent the solution of nutrients, protect the water quality and improve the feed pellet utilization.

Feeding fish with wet feed pellet can stimulate feeding enthusiasm, ensure the normal growth. Wet feed pellet is the high-efficiency, safe and environmental compound feed that needs to be comprehensively promoted. Our company can supply the first-class fish feed pellet mill to produce wet feed pellets. All we do is to supply the beat quality fish feed pellet mills for our customers.

Wet feed pellet is produced by feed mixing machine to mix the fresh trash fish with the nutritional powdered compound feeds according to a certain of proportion, and extruded by the feed pellet mill. The water content is about 30 percents.

The benefits of wet feed pellet for raising fish

1. The good palatability. Moist feed pellet has soft texture because of the high water content and the fishy taste so as to increase the fish intakes. 

2.The high utilization rate. The fish intakes rate can reach 80% and 90%, the residual bait quantity only takes one quarter of the trash fish feeds.

3.The easy manufacturing. Liquid nutritions and necessary drugs can be added to the feed pellet to increase immune system and prevent diseases.

oil cakes has been widely used as animal feed, crop and plant fertilizer and food additives

Oil cakes, also known as oil meal, refer to the residue of oil seeds from which vegetable oil is extracted or expelled.There are a variety of common oil cakes such as Soybean oil cake, peanut oil cake, sesame oil cake, palm oil cake, rapeseed oil cake, olive oil cake, etc.Oil cakes are rich in fat, protein and microelements that body needs.It has been widely used as animal feed, crop and plant fertilizer and food additives.Processing feed pellets with oil cake can achieve a considerable cost-saving for many feeders and poultry plant.

Oil Cake Feed Pellets Processing

Oil cakes pelletizing process is similar to grain crops feed pellets production.The major steps includes oil cakes crushing, mixing,pelletizing and cooling, packing. Based on your special requirement and budget,our oil cake feed pellet machines which include flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill are both available.The high temperature during feed pelletizing process can kill some toxic substances and make oil cake pellets assured and nutritional feed.

Advantages of Oil Cake Feed Pellets

1.No anti-nutritional substance exists which adversely affect the animals in reproduction and other body organs like kidney, liver etc.
2.Low cost investment, high profit return and eco-friendly.
3.The oil has mostly unsaturated fatty acid that will help for the early pregnancy of the animals.
4.Higher contain of oil and fat will provide the full nutritions to the animals.
5.Convenient to transport and store compared to the oil cake waste.
6.Improve the animal health and resistant power against the diseases.

Both animal fats and plant oils can be added in feed pellets and the addition of animal fats and plant oils

What is Fat/Oil Coating for Animal Feed?
Both animal fats and plant oils can be added in feed pellets and the addition of animal fats and plant oils in animal feed with proper amount is an effective method to improve the feed quality. And the process of adding fats/oils can be set before pelletizing or after pelletizing. The volume of addition before pelletizing should not be more than 3% of the production, or it will lead pellets of loose character, and this kind of fat/oil adding is not so working for extruded feed pellets production, but it has low-level technical demand for the process equipment. The maximum fats/oils adding volume can be 8% after pelletizing, which is the so-called fat/oil coating, improving the productivity without affecting the solidness of pellets, working well for producing extruded feed, and having high-level standard of the equipment.

Major Factors Affecting Fat/Oil Coating Quality
1.Temperature: low temperature of fat/oil for coating will reduce fat/oil viscosity, cause fat/oil globules, affect fat/oil fluidity and atomization effect, then result in uneven coating.
2.Spray nozzle: spray nozzle structure and mounting position have a direct effect on fat/oil atomization result and coating evenness.
3.Feed pellet size and flow direction: small-sized and high-density feed pellets with even eddy motion can get uniform fat/oil coating and absorption.
4.Feed pellet solidness: the feed pellet without high solidness will bring about fat/oil layer peeling off and feed powder, causing nutrients wastage.
5.Control system: the coating control system should be perfect and monitored properly to avoid scrap feed that is caused by oil leak and flow direction change.
Effective Fat/Oil Coating Technology and Equipment
Post pellet liquid application (PPLA) technology has been widely used in feed liquid coating process, including fat/oil coating, since early 1980s. Because liquid coating after animal feed pelletization prevents the heat-sensitive components in feed from the damage of thermal processing facilities, such as feed pelletizer, feed extruder, etc., thus ensuring feed quality and reducing feed cost.
In terms of working principle, fat/oil coating equipment has vacuum infusion coater, spraying atomization coater and centrifugal atomization coating machine, these three types.

small pellet mill for personal use saving your cost

A broad range of pellet stoves, central heating furnaces, and other heating appliances have been developed and marketed since the mid-1980s. In 1997 fully automatic wood pellet boilers with similar comfort level as oil and gas boilers became available in Austria.
With the surge in the price of fossil fuels since 2005, more and more families in Europe and many other places in the world, choose pellet stove for home heating. It is an environment-friendly method to keep warm and cook. Pellet stove uses less natural resources as its fuel is generated from waste or recycled materials, such as sawdust, corn stover, straw, rice husk, palm kernel shell and many other wastes into pellets. But, annual expenditure for the purchase of the wood pellet is not a small cost. How to save the cost of wood pellets? Many families choose to buy a small pellet mill. Can small pellet mill save money or not? Let me calculate together.


1.Price related items
First, we must figure out the cost of each of these two methods, purchase wood pellets and homemade wood pellets. In this article, not counting the human cost, equipment maintenance fees, maintenance fees, and the cost of replacement parts.
(1)The cost of purchase wood pellets: the quantity of wood pellets you need multiply by the unit price of wood pellets.
(2)The cost of homemade wood pellets yourself: the pellet mill price+ electricity + cost of materials.

We can see from the above conclusion, the price of small pellet mill, the price of wood pellets, the price of raw material and other factors, which way more save money under what conditions.
You should choose according to your actual situation, if your need great amount, I suggest you to buy a flat die pellet mill or ring die pellet mill If you have own garden, farm or forest, I also suggest you buy a small pellet mill. Because, this electric flat die pellet mill is smaller in size, design and structure with capacity of Wood pellets 40-60 kg/h; Feed pellets 60-100 kg/h. Thanks to this salient features, it enjoys great popularity with small scale pellet biomass pellets and animal feed pellets production. You can use them to process a variety of agricultural and forest wastes, such as sawdust, corn stover, straw, rice husk, palm kernel shell and many other wastes into pellets.These material are free for you. Certainly, these must be sized to produce pellets. A lawn mower can handle some of this material, a chipper shredder can handle leaves and hay. Cleaning the material before putting it through the pellet mill may be needed to remove rocks lest you damage the die or roller. A winnow would be desirable if you are gathering leaves or grass in a rocky area.
If you can get the stove, pellet mill, shredder, and winnow for a fair price, and have the time to process a few tons of material, you can heat your home for the cost of running machinery. With the equipment, there is the opportunity to pelletize material for paying customers, or even rent the equipment if you dare.
If you can produce your own pellet fuel in sufficient quantity to supply all your own needs, there is a return on the investment in just a few years.
If you have any questions about this device, please contact us at any time.

Structure and pelleting process of Household Pellet Mill

By the renewability, cleanliness and a relatively low price, pellet fuel was welcomed. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), global wood pellets production reached 220 million tons in 2013. The wood pellets production reached 5.7 million tons, Import Quantity reached 0.15 million, Export Quantity reached 2.89 million tons in 2013. With the pellet stoves, central heating furnaces, and other heating appliances have been developed and marketed. More and more American families choose to use pellet fuel. The rising demand in pellet fuel urged the price of pellet fuel growing. Meanwhile many American families have their own lawn, green belts, annual pruning waste has wasted. Household Pellet Mill provides a perfect solution for this problem.
1.The Structure of Household Pellet Mill
Household Pellet Mill also called Flat Die Pellet Mill. Household pellet mill use a flat die with slots. The powder is introduced to the top of the die and as the die rotates a roller presses the powder through the holes in the die. A cutter on the other side of the die cuts the exposed pellet free from the die. According to the movement of die and roller can be divided into two types: die still and roller rotation, called dynamic roll, the other is die rotation and roller still, called dynamic die. The most important and easy wear part is die and roller. Reasonable operation can increase the life of the mill.



2.Pelletization Process

If you have a yard, there are lawns, trees and flowers, plus you also have a pellet stove. Then you should consider buying a multifunction animal feed pellet mill. And operation accordance with the following pelletization process.
(1) Raw Material Collect
Our pellet mill can use a variety of materials make pellet, like sawdust, hay, leaves, twigs, etc. So, your yard arising weeds, leaves, branches can be used to set up. Your neighbor’s yard waste plants can collect up also.
(2)Dry and Clean
Dry the material in the sun by the content moisture reach 10 to 20 percent for making pellet. Cleaning the material before putting it through the pellet mill price may be needed to remove rocks lest you damage the die or roller.
Suitable material size helps pressing, and reduce machine wear and tear。A lawn mower can handle some of this material, a chipper shredder can handle leaves and hay。
Please attention the feed rate at pelleting. Suitable feed rate can be the key difference to how well the pellet mill operates. You should adjustment the rate of feed into the pellet mill.