The 9FQ series small animal feed mill machinery is used to crush all kinds of grains to powder

The 9FQ series small animal feed mill machinery  is used to crush all kinds of grains to powder and the powder size is adjustable between  0.4-22 mm.  The hammers inside the machine make it high efficiency and durable. 9FQ series small feed grinder machinery crush grains by highspeed rotating hammers.  After the materials coming into the crushing room, they will become power rapidly by continuous high speed blow of the hammer mill and crushing room.  Then go out of the crushing room through different size sieve.the small feed grinder can be used for all kinds of grains, straw, is universal crusher, which makes your work easier animal feed making machine. The vertical crushing mixer, which takes small area ,is suitable for producing all-around.this machine can grind and mix feedstuff at same time, saving energy, and high efficiency .

This small feed grinder machine can be used to crush all kinds of cereal, grain, like corn, wheat, bean, and others to powder that can make animal feed or for other process, it has the crush and mix function at the same time, very convenient and easy to operate Animal feeder & mixer usually is matched using for the pellet machine for the animal feed processing. Feed crusher & mixer is sold quite well all over the European countries.

Principle of work of the animal feed crusher &mixer :

This small feed grinder machine can be divided into two parts, a crushing structure and a material structure.

1.The crushing structure: There are two ways to input the materials: automatically or manually. When the raw materials were put into the crushing room, with the beating of the hammer leaf and the scrubbing of the air, the raw materials will be crushed into mealiness or graininess. Then under the effect of the centrifugal air, the mealiness or the graininess will get in to the A impeller casing through the sieve pore.

2.The materials mixing structure: with the whirling of the thruster, the materials will be transferred into the material pipeline by the B hammer room by force. There, the materials will be lifted to the top of the room and be totally mixed up and down and spined from left to right via the air. Therefore, the materials can be evenly mixed which is quite ideal.