Small scale pellet mill is an automation equipment

Small scale pellet mill is an automation equipment,wiith automatic oil -supply device ,which can save a lot maintenance time. All kinds of biomass raw material ,industrial waste the feed pellet machine can convert biomass raw material and solid waste into energy fuel with high density. This pellet making machine is mainly used to press crushed corn, soybean meal, rice husk, straw, grass to feed pellet. It can widely applicable to large and small aquaculture, feed processing factory, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and series farms.The  homemade feed pellet mill for sale works on vertical principle. The raw material is put into the hopper from above, and then it drops down into the pelletizing area. The die is stationery while rollers are rotating. When falling into this area, materials will naturally be compressed into pellet between rollers and die through the die holes.

homemade feed pellet mill for sale advantage:

Due to its simple design and operation, flat die sell pellet machine used is much more popular with small scale industrial production and family use.

1. The gear box of our flat die pellet machine is made of high quality grey cast iron materials with low noise and good shock resistance.

2. The shell with thicker casting, could greatly strengthen the machine strength, and to eliminate  the feed grain machine shell fracture phenomenon.

3. The mold and press roller is made of high quality alloy steel with wear-resisting material,  hardness at 55-60 HRC.

4. Our flat die homemade feed pellet mill for sale adopts the best die hole compression ratio as per your  condition of raw material etc.

5. It has the safe electronic control system, complete with CE standard operating system, stop  button can be in emergency fast closing machine.

6. It is utilizing special high quality material and advanced even shaft driving device.